Bloodshed as a condition for forgiveness and torture for not accepting it.

According to the Christians, in order for their god to forgive them, they needed to sacrifice an animal by bloodshed, I guess one day their god got bored and decided to incarnate himself as a human, because he was perfect by the law of the bible, symbolically giving his life in the form of bloodshed for all the other sinners in the world will save anyone as long as they believe that it happened. the resurrection was supposed to symbolize his immense power — that he has power over the laws of the universe. In the bible, death is the wages of sin, so coming back to life was supposed to represent the purging of all sin. It also gives them hope that he will return on judgement day to take his chosen ones. How is it a sacrifice, when a human life can be sacrificially extinguished only to have the sacrifice rescinded three days later with resurrection? The cleaning of sins can only be done if the disorder is corrected. sins are not individual entities that can be done away with by symbolism. only deed. I often get Christians regurgitating bible scriptures saying that I will not enter heaven if i do not believe in Jesus and his brutal blood requirement for God’s forgiveness, however this seems to indicate that their god cares more about belief then deeds. There is nothing anyone has done which would require eternal torture. This god calls himself Love, but nullifies this love by obliterating one important aspect of it — forgiveness. It makes no sense to me why a all powerful deity would cast a curse upon his chosen ones as a result of punishment for our supposed ancestor’s disobedience, It is not even consistent with eye for an eye. We are not responsible for our ancestors’ wrongdoings. The problem with being born a blank slate is that you need to learn through mistake, and «trial and error». You will pay the price of that society if you are stupid enough to break a moral code after learning the boundaries by education. To me, saying that morality is divine is almost as stupid as saying language is divine. You need to have contact with other sentient beings in order to break a moral code. You need to be in contact with ones who can speak a language to communicate with them. The Judaic god will not forgive without the condition of blood sacrifice by animal or human. In Christianity, Jesus takes the place of the animal sacrifice, but still constitutes as scapegoating to avoid a unreasonable punishment. Their god condemns people to hell in an eternal fiery torture if they do not accept this skewed form of love, my question is, what have we done so much more bad then all the other animals that we would need eternal torture? I would never ask for forgiveness if it meant I could only do it under the condition of spilling blood of an innocent man or animal. placing your wrongdoings on something else symbolically means nothing and does nothing to benefit whatever it is you caused disorder to. only action means something when something has been destroyed by a outright or accidental deed. Understanding nature is more important then understanding the creator. If the creator is sentient, perhaps understanding it’s creation will help understand this thing itself if it exists. I strongly admire the Lakota and other native Americans for their connection with nature.I am atheist in the sense of a particular definition of god. that would be the Semitic Idea of god, a hateful, jealous, judgemental psychopath who claims to be love, but then requires bloodshed for forgiveness (yes, yet again I’m emphasizing the bloodshed — forgiveness issue) I have a huge problem with it. I definitely consider Buddhists to be atheists in the sense that they reject a personified god. Love should not require blood, its illogical. and to make it even worse, this god plays this sick game of letting you get tempted by the evil one, and punishes you for disbelief of one of many many religions — its the more refine form of pascals wager. he seems to have left out the fact that other religions don’t receive spirituality from corrupted men, you get it from understanding and experience. and to an extent you are right, out right nothingness! I don’t know how to explain except as a deep connection with your natural surroundings, its a deep emotion like love.The Bible was written by man, which for me is already enough to invalidate it. man’s corruption is littered all over it. The Bible and other books are static, they do not progress or benefit with new and improved societies, and they definitely do not improve bad ones True love does not mean the requirement of animal or human blood sacrifice as a condition for forgiveness. Endless torture is not a proper punishment for not accepting love. I like using this moral idea I heard awhile ago, If you were the last person on earth, is there anything wrong you could do? if you said no, then you can only conclude that morality is dependent on the social situation. there is no such think as a set solid rule for what is right or wrong.